GROE is an affordable & Efficient Platform For Tax Filing & Investing

People Behind GROE is a collective endeavour of three friends who started this platform after their CA Examination with an aim to make return filings affordable, seamless and error-free.

We have partnered with other Practicing and Non-Practicing Chartered Accountants for their assistance with their knowledge, skills and experience for tax filings and other requirements of our clients.

We have also partnered with AMFI authorised organisations to provide mutual funds services to our clients with our exclusive Money back guarantee for any market loss that occurs within 15 days of investment. Know More

GROE's Philosophy

An individual is required to file Income Tax Return if his/her gross total income exceeds Rs 2,50,000.

With a population of over a billion, still, only 6.08 crores people had filed income tax return for the financial year 2017-18. A large number of citizen still does not feel responsible and are ignorant about the benefits of filing tax returns with the income tax department. With this platform we aspire to be inclusive and to make available the affordable & easy means to help people becoming tax compliant and to increase their financial and legal awareness.

Further, many individuals feel a burden and worry about these compliances. was started to kill all those worries & fears with its seamless, accurate and transparent services.

What GROE offers

With increase in the number of ITR filings year on year, GROE offers an immense advantage with its experienced and technically skilled tax experts to make return filing services accessible in the most affordable and seamless manner.

We also offers exclusive, No loss mutual funds services to make our clients learn, save tax and grow wealth.

More Information

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The Most Efficient Platform For Tax Filing & Investing